Tuesday, September 14, 2004

A letter to conservative voters

Hello conservative voters,

I am a liberal. My guess is that most conservatives would not be too moved if they heard me go on and on about how Bush is, quoting one of the conservative authors below, "a dangerous, profligate, moralizing radical."

So I am sending these articles with the hope that the conservatives who do read them might be more open to the anti-Bush views of other conservatives, and other Republicans ... more open to their pleas not to vote for Bush this November. 

Both liberals and conservatives agree that this time around the stakes are extremely high. Let's try and get these articles out there so at least there can be some more thought and exchange on whether George W. Bush or John F. Kerry is the better person for the job.

Obviously, I believe Kerry is by far the better choice, but for this letter I will defer to the conservatives below to make arguments in that direction.

Thanks for your time, Eric Anders


Why conservatives must not vote for Bush, by Doug Bandow

"A Reaganite argues that Bush is a dangerous, profligate, moralizing radical -- and that his reelection would be catastrophic both for the right and for America."


Anti-War Republicans: A Telling Shift in Allegiance, by Eileen McNamara


Rock-ribbed Republican -- and anti-Bush, by Michelle Goldberg

The newest, most outspoken critics of the war on terrorism and Iraq are conservatives.


The Conservative Case Against George Bush, by William Bryk


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Avatar said...

Awesome. Do you mind if I borrow these? I feel the need to get the word out myself. As an aside, it's quite refreshing to see another liberal on Blogger; I seem to run across nothing but Bush-loving fundie conservative nutjobs these days.