Friday, October 08, 2004

Bush Apologists Are Not "Balanced"

To the producers of "Left, Right, and Center" (LRC):

I've listened to LRC for a long time now, and I was really disappointed by today's show (10/8/04). Please try harder to find someone on the right who is not deranged. Axis-of-evil Frumm was bad, but this guy May....

More to the point, the show will only work if you have someone centrist as moderator, evidenced by today's show. May clearly botched the job. If you lose Bob Sheer because of what happened on the show, you will lose this listener for sure. I wouldn't blame Bob Sheer for leaving the show given May's foolish and offensive antics. Appalling.

Why do the LRC producers seem to think that the right must be represented by a Bush apologist? Does Bush represent all of the right? Certainly not those "Rockefeller" Republicans who hold high the value of fiscal responsibility.

History will probably look back and see this period, our time, as rather troubled, and the Bush administration as an abomination of our so-called democracy. If the truth is that Bush himself is deranged, and that the US is going through a particularly dark period, would responsible journalism require such apologists for journalistic balance? Would an imaginary LRC show in Hitler's Germany require an apologist for Hitler? Though Bush-Hitler comparisons are usually irresponsible for obvious reasons, both for me cleary fall into the deranged category and therefore they and their policies are not worthy of journalistic representation.

It seems to me that NPR could take the journalistic risk of having someone from the right who is not an idiot, who does not compulsively apologize for the lies and misdeeds of Bush and crew--someone who would see Bush as an embarrassment to the right, while supporting rightist values and policies. These people do exist, and you will find links to related articles and sites at my "Letter to Conservatives" post below.

I never thought I'd want to hear Bill Buckley or someone like him on a show so much. John Dean?

Eric Anders
Los Angeles

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