Monday, August 01, 2005

Email to a friend


I think this photo of Bush holding the phone upside down is a lot better than the dancing Hillary cartoon, which seemed a bit too Republican for my taste (it showed Bush as normal in comparison to Hillary). With respect to said photo, however, we have to be on the watch for doctored photos and phony Bushisms: the internet is full of 'em.

As for the Hillary cartoon, forgive me when it is hard for me to laugh about certain things: it seems all too scary to me that Bush has been in office for so long, and will be for years to come. Hillary would seem like a godsend at this point. A la Woody in Annie Hall, my hatred for Bush has reached such heights I have to come up with a new word to describe it. Beyond "disdain"; beyond "loathing." Check out my blog to get a better sense of the far reaches of my enmity.

I've been writing some anti-Bush songs, and coming up with some bumper stickers that I hope will help me to feel less ... vulnerable, disgusted, surrounded, etc. (see below). I have the two top bumper stickers for you when you are ready to add them to your vehicle's bumper (and risk damage to said vehicle in "the OC", GOP and SUV packed as it is). I've got my "support wise & ethical policy" on my Volvo. It is just one in my neighborhood ... compared to countless "support our troops." So this veteran feels a bit ... unsupported ... and at risk of vehicular damage.

I wrote an anti-Bush song called "so wrong" on November 5, 2004. It will be on the next CD, out in January, 2006. I'm thinking of including the "so wrong" bumper sticker in the CD ... to make sure my sales are limited to liberals in the future. Actually, I'll probably do it since it wouldn't really matter anyway given my sales. Maybe I should try to sell bumper stickers instead of CDs (and give away the CDs with the bumper stickers!).

The one on the bottom is a new idea I just thought of. Do you think I should get it printed? I was thinking of giving it to ... That would go over well, I'm sure. It would be great to vandalize a few OC SUVs with it. Ooohh, just kidding. You know I wouldn't do that....

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