Sunday, January 25, 2015

Obama: Phony Progressive ... GOP: Phonies when it comes to being Pro-Markets

This recent Truthdig article, "Why Many Cities Aren’t Allowed to Provide the Cheap, Fast Internet Obama Wants You to Have," provides a good example of the GOP's privatization fetish and our plutocratic ways on both sides of the aisle getting in the way of progress in the form of building infrastructure--and leading to local monopolies squashing competition.

The end result is that the US invented the internet but now is in 10th place for internet speeds (see chart) ... behind former Eastern bloc places like Latvia and Czech Republic ... which hurts us when it comes to competition.

Like all of Obama's recent progressive pushes, this too will come to nothing. Why didn't he do this six or seven years ago? Why all these progressive pushes now that there is no chance of them passing? Like the Clintons, Obama is a phony progressive.

This is not the first time the GOP are phonies when it comes to what really helps US business. Helping ISPs with their monopolies hurts US business in general.  This would be an example of being "pro business" (pro specific business with lobbyists, eg Comcast) versus being "pro-market" (helping markets by building infrastructure that would help all US businesses compete with the rest of the world).  See WaPo's "Where are the pro-market Republicans?"

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